Digital Signage

Posting guidelines:

1. Who Is Eligible to Submit A Request:

Any PHHP, Pharmacy, or Nursing faculty member, staff, or student may request that information be posted on the HPNP digital signs (Ground Floor).  Items will also be posted on behalf of UF administrators (e.g. Vice Presidents, Provost) and Health Science Center personnel.

2. Submitting Your Request

Other than time-sensitive event location or time changes and emergency information, requests must be received 5 or greater business days prior to event occurrence to guarantee review for posting.  Requests turned in fewer than 5 days prior to the event may or may not be considered depending upon reviewer availability.

All requests must be submitted using the Digital Signage Form below. Please note that Features and Student Event entries must be submitted on the template provided on the form. For additional information, please consult the HPNP Digital Signage Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact your college’s Content Manager:

College of Nursing:
Anna Hoffman


College of Pharmacy:
Matt Splett


College of Public Health and Health Professions:
Candice Vogtle