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Faculty members are tackling some of the world’s greatest health challenges, from infectious diseases to chronic conditions, such as diabetes, substance use and obesity.

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No. 9 in NIH research funding among schools of public health at public universities

$34.2 million in total research awards FY22

8 NIH-funded training programs

10 Investigators who received grant funding exceeding $1M in FY22

At the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions, researchers are working to improve health on every level, from individual patients to global communities. Au.D. student Aimee Miller and Associate Dean for Research Dr. Adam Woods explain.

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Learn how faculty are contributing to their fields with innovative models of research that promote collaboration between faculty in public health and health professions and with many other colleagues across disciplines locally, nationally and internationally.

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Training opportunities

The college is committed to providing a supportive training environment for doctoral students, postdoctoral associates/fellows and early-career scientists. We offer several doctoral programs, and house multiple training programs.

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Artificial intelligence

PHHP researchers are using AI technology to improve population health and treatment outcomes.

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Boosting cognition for those with HIV

As people living with HIV age, about half will experience some sort of cognitive decline. With the support of a $6.6 million program project grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, researchers are evaluating three promising interventions that may improve cognitive function in those with HIV who consume alcohol.

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The college houses several research centers and institutes focused on a wide array of research topics

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For information on research opportunities for graduate students, please contact the departments or program directors.