Certificate Programs

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Artificial Intelligence in Public Health and Health Care
The certificate is offered to undergraduate students across campus. Students will acquire fundamental knowledge, ethical decision-making and applied skills in artificial intelligence applications in public health practice and health care settings.

Driver Rehabilitation Therapy
The certificate in driver rehabilitation therapy provides an educational experience that concurrently focuses on development of specialized skills, advanced practice behaviors, leadership activities and critical appraisal of research in the area of driver rehabilitation. Graduates of this program are qualified to be entry-level driver rehabilitation therapists working with medically-at-risk drivers through the lifespan. While the program is primarily conducted online, there are certain activities that require travel to the UF campus.

Global Health
Students in the on-campus certificate in global health program will learn the basic causes of key global health threats; apply equity, gender, and rights-based approaches to understanding the health needs of marginalized or vulnerable groups; and apply public health and other disciplinary methods to understand and characterize global health problems and solutions.

Psychiatric Epidemiology
The online graduate certificate in psychiatric epidemiology trains physicians, residents and mental health professionals to address the critical mental health challenges of our time. The program allows graduates to answer the many unanswered questions, develop new methods and play an important role in directing prevention and treatment policies for the mental health of our communities.

One Health

The One Health certificate has been created to bring together graduate students and professionals to explore areas at the interface between animal, plant, human, environmental health and other disciplines. The program is composed of a four-course 12-credit curriculum with a flexible structure and is tailored to accommodate the interests of multidisciplinary students while grounding training in one health systems thinking. The certificate may be taken fully online.

Public Health
The graduate certificate in public health is a short, specialized program that allows students or professionals to gain advanced skills in public health. It is perfect for professionals continuing their education, for those refocusing or advancing their current profession, and/or for recent graduates who want to explore different career options before applying to a graduate program. The certificate is offered as an on-campus or online program.