CEPH Accreditation

Posted 12/15/20
Updated 2/17/21

The College of Public Health and Health Professions hosted a re-accreditation review from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) on March 15-17, 2021. Our preliminary self-study was submitted in October 2020.



Section A

A1. Organization and Administrative Processes

A2. Multi-Partner Schools

A3. Student Engagement

A4. Autonomy for Schools of Public Health

A5. Degree Offerings in Schools of Public Health

Section B

B1. Guiding Statements

B2. Graduation Rates

B3. Post-Graduation Outcomes

B4. Alumni Perceptions of Curricular Effectiveness

B5. Defining Evaluation Practices

B6. Use of Evaluation Data

Section C

C1. Fiscal Resources

C2. Faculty Resources

C3. Staff and Other Personnel Resources

C4. Physical Resources

C5. Information and Technology Resources

Section D

D1. MPH & DrPH Foundational Public Health Knowledge

D2. MPH Foundational Competencies

D3. DrPH Foundational Competencies

D4. MPH & DrPH Concentration Competencies

D5. MPH Applied Practice Experiences

D6. DrPH Applied Practice Experience

D7. MPH Integrative Learning Experience

D8. DrPH Integrative Learning Experience

D9. Public Health Bachelor’s Degree General Curriculum

D10. Public Health Bachelor’s Degree Foundational Domains

D11. Public Health Bachelor’s Degree Foundational Competencies

D12. Public Health Bachelor’s Degree Cumulative and Experiential Activities

D13. Public Health Bachelor’s Degree Cross-Cutting Concepts and Experiences

D14. MPH Program Length

D15. DrPH Program Length

D16. Bachelor’s Degree Program Length

D17. Academic Public Health Master’s Degrees

D18. Academic Public Health Doctoral Degrees

D19. All Remaining Degrees

D20. Distance Education

Section E

E1. Faculty Alignment with Degrees Offered

E2. Integration of Faculty with Practice Experience

E3. Faculty Instructional Effectiveness

E4. Faculty Scholarship

E5. Faculty Extramural Service

Section F

F1. Community Involvement in School Evaluation and Assessment

F2. Student Involvement in Community and Professional Service

F3. Assessment of the Community’s Professional Development Needs

F4. Delivery of Professional Development Opportunities for the Workforce

Section G

G1. Diversity and Cultural Competence (SPH and PHP)

Section H

H1. Academic Advising

H2. Career Advising

H3. Student Complaint Procedures

H4. Student Recruitment and Admissions

H5. Publication of Educational Offerings