Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award Application


  1. Doctoral level graduate students are eligible if they have successfully passed their comprehensive exam. Professional students must be in their final academic year and engaged in scholarly activity, as noted in criterion 2, to be eligible for this award.  Master’s students are eligible if they are more than ½ way through their programs.  However, preference will be given to graduating students at all dean’s scholar levels.
  1. There must be evidence of both academic excellence and scholarly activity in the College.  The student must have participated in research and scholarly work, including publication in a peer-reviewed journal and presentation at a state, regional, or national/international professional conference.  
  1. There must be evidence of professional promise such as:  1) participation in professional organizations or student departmental activities; 2) strong teaching, graduate, or research assistant evaluations; leadership achievements in the Community and/or University; and/or 3) exceptional clinical or other related professional development activities. 
  1. The student must be in good academic standing with no history of or current honor or conduct code violations.
  1. Nominated by faculty.  Students cannot self-nominate for this award.


  1. Award Application Form
  1. Copy of the student’s vita
  1. One letter of recommendation from a current faculty supervisor or chair, addressing the criteria above
  1. Chair’s Endorsement Form

RECOGNITION:  The Dean’s Scholar receives a plaque and monetary award of $500.