PHHP Seminars

Address: To locate in the global address book, search by typing a period followed by a space. This convention is applied to all college level PHHP listservs.

Members: Seminars includes: permanent faculty, TEAMS-UPS staff, OPS, post-docs, graduate students, professional students, and friends of the College who elect to receive these messages. This list is used to announce non-PHHP seminars and events happening in the HSC and the university as a whole. Members have the option to unsubscribe.

List maintenance: PHHP IT maintains the list and will automatically subscribe those who are new to the college, who can unsubscribe at any time.

Moderation: Seminars is moderated by PHHP Dean’s Office staff. Contact Lauren Guidi ( with questions regarding specific messages.

Appropriate content:

  • Announcements of HSC and UF seminars and events.

Restricted content:

  • Social or student events not directly related to the college mission
  • Course announcements (please note these should be sent to PHHP-Faculty and PHHP-Students)
  • Requests for study participants