PHHP Seminars

Address: To locate in the global address book, search by typing a period followed by a space. This convention is applied to all college level PHHP listservs.

Members: Seminars includes: permanent faculty, TEAMS-USPS staff, OPS, post-docs, graduate students, professional students, and friends of the College who elect to receive these messages. This list is used to announce seminars and events happening in the HSC and the university as a whole. Members have the option to unsubscribe.

List maintenance: PHHP IT maintains the list and will automatically subscribe those who are new to the college, who can unsubscribe at any time.

Moderation: Seminars is moderated by PHHP Dean’s Office staff. Contact Gaylynn Quinn with questions regarding specific messages.

Appropriate content:

  • Announcements of HSC and UF seminars and events.

Restricted content:

  • Social or student events not directly related to the college mission
  • Course announcements (please note these should be sent to PHHP-Faculty and PHHP-Students)
  • Requests for study participants