PHHP Faculty

Address: To locate in the global address book, search by typing a period followed by a space. This convention is applied to all college level PHHP listservs.

Members: Permanent faculty, as well as staff members who are subscribed with the permission of the dean, associate deans, or department chair.

List maintenance: Faculty on the list are automatically populated with weekly updates from PeopleSoft. Staff members on the list are automatically populated from a list that is manually created and maintained by the PHHP IT department.

Moderation: Faculty is moderated by PHHP Dean’s Office staff. Contact Gaylynn Quinn with questions regarding specific messages.

Appropriate content:

  • Faculty business. Announcements related to shared governance, college-wide faculty meetings, and policies and procedures for PHHP faculty.
  • Research announcements: grant opportunities, policy changes and calls for grant proposals.