PHHP DEI Committee Feature: Tyrus Fleetwood


Our featured committee member is asked to respond briefly to three questions: 

Who or what inspires you right now? 

My biggest motivation is to be a positive figure in the communities that I am in. My younger sisters inspire this; I want to set a good example and be better for them. 

What have you read or participated in lately that has broadened your perspective or challenged your viewpoints? 

The latest book I have read is called The Four Agreements. It’s challenged my outlook on life and speaks to finding who we are created to be as one human race. 

What topics or activities are you most engaged with for the current or future plans of the PHHP DEI committee? 

Starting the Black Public Health Network, I thought it was imperative to be included in the committee’s discussion on diversity equity and inclusion. I want to be a face for all students to feel welcome and included with their experience here at PHHP.