PHHP DEI Committee Feature: Jennifer Maizel

jennifer maizel

Our featured committee member is asked to respond briefly to three questions: 

Who or what inspires you right now? 

I am inspired by all of the students in PHHP! Since I began my PhD last year, I have gotten to work with many other doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students who are committed to promoting diversity and combating health disparities. It is exciting to be part of such a dedicated group of students who want to make lasting change.

What have you read or participated in lately that has broadened your perspective or challenged your viewpoints? 

Serving as a student representative on PHHP’s DEI Committee has enhanced my perspective on diversity issues within academia. I am also a member of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Program Anti-Racism Committee and a new cross-institutional group focused on gender equity in diabetes research. Additionally, I have been grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on health equity research with my mentor Dr. Ashby Walker, other faculty, and students which has strengthened my passion for DEI.  

What topics or activities are you most engaged with for the current or future plans of the PHHP DEI committee? 

I joined the DEI Committee earlier this year and contributed to the planning and implementation of PHHP’s Diversity Week. I have also been involved in content development for the DEI Committee’s webpage as well as social marketing efforts to drive more student and faculty engagement.