PHHP DEI Committee Feature: Dr. Brittney Dixon


Our featured committee member is asked to respond briefly to three questions: 

Who or what inspires you right now? 

The students in my courses and the Bachelor of Public Health program! Many of these students are balancing academics, work, research, and extracurricular activities during a global pandemic. Despite what is happening in our world, these students are engaged in the learning process and never cease to amaze me. Their determination and will are inspiring!

What have you read or participated in lately that has broadened your perspective or challenged your viewpoints? 

The HSRMP department recently had a Friendsgiving Luncheon to celebrate and share our family traditions. It was a great time to interact and engage with colleagues. But, it was also a time to appreciate the diversity and cultures that we bring to our department and the college.

What topics or activities are you most engaged with for the current or future plans of the PHHP DEI committee? 

Ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are ingrained and infused throughout our entire college, including how we teach/instruction and within the curriculum. I am also excited about the pathways program, which will create strategic avenues for underrepresented and minoritized groups to obtain access to many of the amazing undergraduate programs our college offers.