PHHP Announce

Address: To locate in the global address book, search by typing a period followed by a space. This convention is applied to all college level PHHP listservs.

Members: Announce includes: permanent faculty, TEAMS-USPS staff, OPS, post-docs, graduate students, professional students, undergraduate students (BHS and BPH juniors and seniors), and friends of the College who elect to receive these messages. Announce is the broadest in scope of the PHHP listservs. Because members are automatically subscribed due to their role in the College, only messages of college-wide importance should be sent through Announce. In many cases, another list (or combination of lists) might be more appropriate.

List maintenance: Announce is automatically populated via weekly updates from PeopleSoft. PHHP IT maintains the list.

Moderation: Announce is moderated by PHHP Dean’s Office staff. Contact Gaylynn Quinn with questions regarding specific messages.

Appropriate content:

  • PHHP official business: Messages will be authored by or on behalf of the dean, associate deans or directors, or the building coordinator and will pertain to senior level personnel changes, emergency or urgent information, human resource matters and the like.
  • Event announcements: college-wide events, such as research day, diversity day, the distinguished speaker or Dean’s Scholar series and the UFCC campaign. Community event announcements will only be approved if they are directly related to the education, research or service mission of the college.
  • PHHP news: This Month in PHHP… and communications from the Public Relations Director.

Restricted content:

  • Department business, such as available furniture and other housekeeping messages
  • Social or student events not directly related to the college mission
  • Course announcements (please note these should be sent to PHHP-Faculty and PHHP-Students)
  • Requests for study participants