HPNP Donation Bin Policy



  • Faculty, staff, and students from the Colleges of PHHP, Nursing, and Pharmacy are
    eligible to collect donated items in the common space of the HPNP Complex as
    designated by this policy.
  • Students requesting to place and/or use donation bins in the HPNP common space must
    be associated with one of the three college’s student organizations or must be requesting
    donations as part of their academic program activities.
  • All individuals and groups from the three colleges must follow this policy to solicit
    donations being dropped off by others in the HPNP common space.
  • Anyone not employed by or a student of PHHP, Nursing, or Pharmacy is ineligible to
    place and/or use donation bins in the HPNP Complex.


Requesting Use and Assignment of Donation Bins

  1. Anyone interested in collecting donated items in HPNP common space must use the
    designated donation bins. Homemade and other commercial bins will not be permitted. If
    any individual or group places a bin without approval, the bin will be removed as soon as
    it is discovered. Although Student Services staff may choose to contact the individual or
    group who placed a bin (if known) in violation of this policy they are not required to do
    so and may simply discard or donate the bin’s contents.
  2. In order to request use of a donation bin, the individual or group must submit a Donation
    Bin Request Form. This form specifies who is making the request, the time frame for the
    request, the number of bins requested (1 or 2), and Donation Identifier documentation,
    including the types of donations needed and the organization(s) that will benefit from the
    donations. Only requests submitted via the electronic form process will be considered.
  3. Requests for bin use must be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the start date desired
    to ensure consideration for the desired time frame.
  4. Student Services Center Staff will review all requests and assign bin times and number of
    bins available based on all requests received any given week. While every attempt will
    be made to accommodate all requests, requests will be managed chronologically by date
    received. However, regardless of when the request is submitted, requests will not be
    considered any earlier than two months ahead of the bin dates desired.
  5. Different bin times may be offered to those submitting later requests that overlap with
    times already requested.
  6. Bins may be requested for a maximum of two weeks. This time frame will be
    significantly shortened during times in which a high volume of requests is received (e.g.
    near holidays). Modifications to approved time frame or number of bins available may
    occur even after the requesting party is notified of approval to use bins for a designated
    time period during periods in which multiple requests for similar times are received.
  7. A Student Services Staff member will contact the individual designated on the request
    form via e-mail regarding whether a bin time has been approved or alternative time is
  8. Notification of bin assignments will occur by Monday, one week in advance of the
    expected week bin use begins.
  9. Notification of changes in approved times or number of bins available may occur even
    after bin use has begun.

Managing Bins Once Approved for Use

  1. The party using the bin(s) must place their Donation Identifier Sign on each bin and
    ensure this sign remains on the bin throughout the approved time period of bin usage.
  2. Bins may not be moved from their designated location east of the Student Services
    Center. Anyone moving a bin to a different location will risk loss of future use of the
  3. Bins must be checked at least twice per week for donations. This will help lessen the
    theft risk and ensure proper bin management.
  4. Bin contents and the Donation Identifier Signs must be removed by 4:30 pm on the last
    day of bin use approval. Contents not removed promptly will be discarded.
  5. The colleges and their employees are not responsible for monitoring the bins nor are they
    responsible for bin contents. However, anyone found attempting to steal or vandalize the
    bins or their contents will be referred immediately to the University Police Department
    for potential prosecution.