DEI Strategic Plan Summary

The year 2020 was characterized by enormous challenges across the United States and around the world. Many of these overlapping issues center on topics relating to public health and the health professions broadly, but also to the lives and welfare of the individuals who make up the students, staff, and faculty in our College. As such, the Committee presents a Strategic Plan focused on key themes:

Acknowledgments Overview

  • Systemic racism and discrimination are both present and are significant issues in Gainesville, Florida, and across the United States
  • The University of Florida has a painful and traumatic history of racism and, specifically, anti-Black discrimination and violence
  • The College will only benefit from increasing diversity, inclusion, and addressing issues related to equity across the College, as will the individuals who make up our College

Selected Committee Goals and Objectives

  • Facilitate communication, programming, and coordination of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across the College, including among Departments
  • Create a central hub for communication, College-wide newsletter, and increase College awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Abbreviated Implementation Plans

  • The Committee proposes the use of an action priority matrix to determine specific actions and timelines in collaboration with Departments, the PHHP Executive Leadership Committee, and Dean Perri
  • Facilitate integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion work with search committees, and retention initiatives for students and faculty
  • Implement new “listening” initiatives for members of the College to voice thoughts and feedback through multiple routes; increase community-building and presence within the College through active listening

Assessment Plan Summary

  • The Committee proposes to facilitate stepwise, collaborative implementation supported by authentic, critical self-analyses, reflection, and assessment; the Committee recommends the use of evidence-based assessment strategies supported by collaborative buy-in among Departments, the PHHP Executive Committee, and the Committee
  • The Committee proposes annual reports from each Department and from the Committee to the College as a whole

Requests in Brief

  • The Committee requests time allocation for Committee membership and participation appropriate to the importance placed on needs of the College and investment in the PHHP community and appropriate to the initiatives proposed in the Strategic Plan
  • The Committee requests resource allotments for research funding, scholarships, awards, and invited speakers
  • The Committee proposes the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts into annual reports for staff and faculty across the College

Path Forward

  • The Committee proposes a new role as facilitators and liaisons of programming, initiatives, training, listening, and communication across the College, among the Departments, and with the Executive Leadership
  • While acknowledging the past and reflecting on the present, the Committee looks towards the future with this strategic planning document and supporting information as an opportunity for continuous improvement for the College