Deans’ Contact Information

The College of Public Health and Health Professions Office of the Dean is located on the 4th floor of the HPNP Complex.

Perri, Michael

Dean and Robert G. Frank Endowed Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology

Dr. Michael G. Perri

Contact: (352) 273-6214; Administrative Specialist: Lauren Guidi

Executive Associate Dean and Clinical Professor

Dr. Stephanie Hanson

Contact: (352) 273-6377 Administrative Specialist: Candice Vogtle

Hanson, Stephanie

Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and Clinical Professor

Dr. Amy Blue

Contact: (352) 294-4981 Administrative Specialist: Gustavo Mazorra

Amy Blue

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Instructional Development and Clinical Associate Profressor

Dr. George Hack

Contact: (352) 273-6377 Administrative Specialist: Candice Vogtle

George Hack

Associate Dean for Research and professor

Dr. Linda Cottler

Contact: (352) 273-5468 Administrative Assistant: Zoe Martusewicz; Administrative Specialist: Tamara Millay

Linda Cottler

Assistant Dean for Educational Affairs, Director of Master of Public Health program and Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Cindy Prins

Contact: (352) 273-6171 Administrative Specialist: Mary Keramidas

Prins, Cindy