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University of Florida Core Values

β€œThe purpose of these values, very simply, is to serve as our shared foundation as the university changes, grows and advances in coming years. They describe our most fundamental understanding of who we are, what we stand for and our highest aspirations for our community β€” and for the world we will help to create.” β€” UF President Kent Fuchs


Student Responses

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What are your hopes for this year?
To really expand on my own personal growth towards my goal career.
Gaining the knowledge to integrate pharmacy into public health!
I hope that the online Mph program can create more events that are virtual! πŸ™‚
I will be graduating this semester. I hope to gain enough knowledge and confidence to get a job!
To continue to grow as a public health professional and gain research and experiencial knolwedge
I'm looking forward to empowering the lives of others by empowering myself first - that's my mantra.
Greater access to mindfulness education
Occupational therapy as part of the interdisciplinary team at CWC
That we strive for inclusion of genderqueer individuals in education
discovery and innovation, and excellence
What are your hopes for this year?

Office of the President

UF Core Values

Learn more about each of the values and get downloadable iconography and other visuals, templates for PowerPoint slides, a flier to print and post, a discussion guide, and see examples of how colleges and organizations are already championing the values.

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Core Values at work

See how faculty, staff and students have demonstrated UF Core Values through their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Featuring a video and photo galleries.

Putting UF Core Values into practice at the College of Public Health and Health Professions

PHHP members Dr. Stephanie Hanson, Corinne Hutchison, Karen Awura-Adjoa Ronke Coker, Dr. Brittney Dixon, Lance Jackson and Dr. Dave Fuller discuss what the UF Core Values mean to them.


In September 2020, President Fuchs commissioned a council, led by then College of Journalism and Communications Dean Dr. Diane McFarlin, to craft core values that are shared and aspired to by all members of the UF community. After studying examples of values statements from 50 other public universities, analyzing content of UF communications, and gathering feedback from all members of the UF community, the Values Council proposed six core values that were subsequently approved by the UF Board of Trustees in December 2020: 

The UF Core Values Task Force evaluated how best to engage the UF community in the initiative. The findings of this multidisciplinary group have led to a shift from one day set aside for collective focus on the UF Core Values to a broader, ongoing approach that will highlight these values through activities held throughout the year. Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation about the UF Core Values this semester.