Name Tags

Your name tag identifies you and shows that you are a part of the University of Florida. With that in mind, let’s go over guidelines and best practices when creating name tags for your department.

Best Practices

Stay on brand

Don’t change the colors or the fonts.

Keep it readable

When someone meets you, they should be able to read your name in a second.

Stay consistent

Be consistent in how you enter information across your department or unit.


Name can include first or first and last. When space permits, credentials may be included on the name line.


Separate credentials by commas. Don’t include periods. Example: PhD, not Ph.D.

In a departure from the AP Stylebook, do not use the term Dr. before a name. Instead, follow the name with degree abbreviations to establish academic credentials


This includes title, department name, unit name or program name. You may delete any sections that you do not need and adjust the remainder of the lines to balance the layout.


Remove unnecessary words such as “Department of”, “Division of” or “Office of” before decreasing font size.

Abbreviate words before decreasing font size.

Assistant =Asst.

Associate = Assoc.

Coordinator = Coord.

Steps for Printing

Because of the way this template is printed, PHHP has opted to use the version that includes a white background with blue lettering.

To order, please send the information to be printed on each name tag via email to The Trophy Shop, located on NW 13th Street in Gainesville, and reference order number 253535.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to