Social Media

Social media is critical to our college’s brand, so it’s important that anything we post there reinforces our values and mission.

The College of Public Health and Health Professions manages five main social media channels:

Establishing Accounts

Any other accounts affiliated with PHHP, whether it’s for a department, lab, or other group, must be approved by the marketing team before creation. Additionally, they must pass through the processes established by UF Health and the UF Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

The marketing team reserves the right to request the removal of any unofficial accounts established without approval. If you would like to propose a new PHHP-affiliated social media account, please email

Consider these best practices when posting on social media:

  • Does this post support our college’s goals? If not, consider other channels to distribute this message.
  • Is this post accessible to all audiences? Posts must be in compliance with accessibility standards, including alt. text, closed captions, and readability. UF has a great training about social media accessibility.
  • Are we using respectful, professional, and inclusive language? Please check your post captions to ensure that the wording you use is inclusive of all audiences, acknowledging any biases that might be present.
  • Who is our target audience? Is it students, faculty, staff, alumni, or other stakeholders? Consider whether you are using the right platform and messaging to reach your target demographic. Keep in mind that posting the same content across all channels is not a best practice.
  • Does our graphic/image/video meet the dimension requirements of the platform? Each platform has its own specifications when it comes to visuals. If you need any assistance resizing or adjusting your visual to the platform, please contact us.


Any visual content posted on PHHP accounts, including graphics, profile images, and headers, should adhere to the visual standards set by the UF brand. The UF Brand Center website details the approved fonts, colors, and specifications.

The PHHP marketing team has also created several graphic templates available for teams and departments to use on their official accounts. We will add more templates as they become available.

Instagram (1080 x 1080)

Accolade Templates

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (1920 x 1080)

Accolade Templates

Facebook and Instagram Stories (1080 x 1920)

Accolade Templates

Department Social Profile Icons (800 x 800)

LinkedIn Profile Banners (1584 x 396)

social image

social Media

Idea or Suggestion?

If you have any ideas you’d like us to share on the main PHHP social media accounts, let us know!