Newsletter Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken the top questions we’ve been asked about newsletters and compiled them here for reference.

Email Addresses
Sending Newsletter


  • How do I get Mailster?
    • The Mailster plugin needs to be enabled on a site. To request it, email and include the URL of the website where you want Mailster added
  • How do I start a campaign?
    • Select “Newsletter” from the main WordPress menu on the left and then select “New Campaign”
  • Does my campaign automatically save?
    • No, you must select “Update” in the top right of the campaign screen to save the changes you have made
  • Can you change the size of a photo?
    • Yes, if you select the photo you can change the size
    • If there is text next to the photo, the text will not move with the photo, it will just create more space in between them
  • Can you remove certain aspects of a module?
    • Yes, you can remove an image and a link by selecting them and clicking “Remove Element”
  • Why did my text disappear?
    • If you remove all of the text for a certain section, it may not allow you to select that section again
    • You can try to undo the action, or you may have to recreate the module
  • Why are some of my headlines not in the same format?
    • If you are copying and pasting text into the headline section, it will sometimes change the format of the headline
    • This issue will not always show when you send yourself a test, only when you send the newsletter to your list
    • In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you type in your headlines


  • What are lists?
    • If you send newsletters to the same group regularly, you can subscribe them to your list and select that list to send to
  • Can I send to multiple lists at the same time?
    • Yes! You can select multiple lists from the menu on the right while in your campaign

Email Addresses

  • How can I upload email addresses to send to?
    • If you are only adding a few emails you can go to “Subscribers” and click “Add New” at the top
    • If you are mass uploading you can add emails through “Manage Subscribers” and upload a CSV file of the emails
      • When uploading it will ask you to assign columns to a designated tag, so over the column that has emails you will select “Email”


  • Will I receive analytics on the newsletter if I send to a listserv?
    • Sort of. You will receive some analytics such as total number of clicks, but you will not be able to see how many people viewed the newsletter. In Mailster, a listserv appears in the system as one user. So when one person on the listserv opens the email, the system counts that as an open rate of 100%.
    • For a more accurate open rate, you will need to subscribe all unique email addresses to the list(s) you are sending to so the system can identify each email address as a separate user


  • What templates are available?
    • There are four UF Health templates available to use and can be selected under “Base”
    • Each template is slightly different, so look at the options each template provides
    • We recommend using the “UF Health – Orange” template
  • Can you mix templates?
    • No, each template’s modules can only be used in its own template

Sending Newsletter

  • Can I send a test email?
    • Yes, you can email yourself a test of what the newletter will look like and test any links
    • It is highly encouraged to send yourself a test before sending out your newsletter since there could be slight differences between the version you are editing and the email that is sent
  • How do I send my newsletter?
    • There are two options for sending your newsletter
      • You can set a date and time for your newsletter to automatically start sending on the right side menu under the “Delivery” tab
      • You can start sending your newsletter immediately by clicking “Send now” on the right side menu under the “Save” tab
  • Can I edit the web version of the newsletter after sending the campaign?
    • No, after sending your campaign you will no longer be able to edit it, even the web version
    • If you want to make a change to the web version you will have to
      • Duplicate your campaign
      • Make the change
      • Use the new permalink (located at the top of the campaign) for your web version