Primary Colors

At our core, we are orange and blue. As part of our brand’s visual language, we express that in all its forms by expanding the flexibility of these two colors.

With that in mind, this palette unifies the colors of the brand, reflecting our institution’s philosophy and mission.

Note: When using color builds, always use the color values listed in this section. They have been adjusted for the best reproduction on screen and in print, and may not match Pantone Color Bridge breakdowns. In general, the color code sources originated from official Pantone Color Bridge swatch books.


    UF Primary Colors

UF Secondary Color palette



Neutral Color Palette

Neutral tones can be used to add depth, warmth, sophistication, and richness to our communications. Note, however, that white should be used more frequently and prominently than these neutrals.

Also, note that we use black only for long passages of body copy. Never use it in any other way.

Note: White is an indispensable color. Rather than viewing it as a blank area, see it as a break. Don’t rush to fill it: it can focus attention on what is there, rather than drawing attention to what isn’t. Always balance color, typography, and graphic elements with open space.  


UF Neutral color palette


For more information on the UF color palettes, gradients, and when to use which color, please visit the UF Brand Center’s Color section.