Artificial Intelligence Work Group


Artificial Intelligence Work Group

The UF PHHP AI Workgroup aims to provide a platform that builds and showcases innovative research intersecting public health and AI by connecting the local and global research community, facilitating scientific dissemination and discussion, and promoting collaboration.

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UF PHHP AI Seminar Series

Our seminar series features presentations from renowned experts in health care and public health AI.

Latest seminar

"Responsible Language Models in Healthcare Require Data-Centric AI"

Presented by Dr. Jason Fries. Dr. Fries is a computer scientist at Stanford University's Center for Biomedical Informatics Research. His work focuses on methods that enable domain experts to rapidly build and modify machine learning models in complex domains such as medicine where obtaining large-scale, expert-labeled training data is a significant challenge. His research focuses on medical foundation models, weakly supervised machine learning and methods for data-centric AI.

About the PHHP Artificial Intelligence Work Group

AI has been applied with demonstrable success across broader research and business landscapes. However, less so for the core functions of public health, namely protecting and promoting the health of populations. The PHHP-AI-WG will help bridge this gap by bringing together interdisciplinary expertise, fostering novel ideas and engaging both established and early career investigators. The work group will capitalize on current AI capacity at UF and grow it further.

Short-term objectives include increased visibility of UF and expansion of collaborative networks. In the long term, we seek to establish the college’s national reputation for public health AI.


  • Periodic seminars, featuring:
    • Presentations from nationally and internationally recognized experts in health care and public health AI
    • Showcase of UF-led research in public health AI
  • Discussion of public health research challenges, identification of ways in which AI can be key to overcome the challenges
  • Support for AI symposia, organizing satellite workshops or booths within established conferences, support for events hosted by UF (e.g., APHA, AMIA, SIOP, the UF DAISY)
  • Routine meetings of the Co-Chairs with the work group committee for review, planning and management.

All activities will strongly call for participation across all PHHP departments and programs, and other colleges will be welcome to engage with the work group.



Noah Hammarlund

Noah Hammarlund

Phone: (352) 273-6073
Aprinda Indahlastari
Department: Department of Clinical and Health Psychology

Aprinda Indahlastari Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Phone: (352) 294-8990

Work group committee members

Shantrel Canidate

Mahek Chandna (undergraduate student)

Geof Gowan

Muxuan Liang

Christian McLaren (graduate student)

April O’Neal

Mattia Prosperi

Hongwu Wang

Feifei Xiao

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