Janiece Davis

Janiece DavisProgram/Year of graduation: Master of Public Health 2006

What I’m doing now: I am currently working at the Palm Beach County Health Department as the Tobacco Prevention Specialist. My main goals are to reduce the influence Big Tobacco has on our youth through their manipulative marketing, and to aid adults looking to quit tobacco use in their cessation efforts. It’s a lot of hard work with many long days (and weekend work!), but it is very rewarding. I also manage contracts!

My favorite UF memory: There were so many memories that developed during my six-year stay at UF. Definitely going to football games with my friends and the friendships that I made along the way have to be some of the best.

Best lesson learned at UF: Be flexible and be prepared for the unexpected. Never in a million years did I think I would spend 25% of my workday dealing with finance and accounting. And that everyone enters your life for a reason.

People would be surprised to know: I am extremely claustrophobic. I refuse to ride elevators alone for fear of being stuck.

Hobbies: The main things I like to do are traveling, reading and exercising.

In the future I hope to: I eventually plan on pursuing my MD degree to focus on providing pediatric care to children in the inner-city. I also see myself getting more involved in the issue of environmental justice as it relates to poor health care outcomes among lower socioeconomic status and minority children.