Master of Health Administration

Student Learning Outcome Stated in Measurable Terms Assessment Method and Procedures
Results Use of Results

Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of healthcare delivery, organization, financing, and management.

How measured:

Grades in courses

Level of achievement:

MHA students earn grades of B or better in 95% of course credit-hours

Who will measure:

MHA Director (based on instructor grades)

[# credit-hours with grade of B or better/

total number of credit-hours]


Evaluate admission criteria; counsel students on individual basis as needed.

Students will exhibit improved mastery of a set of 22 competencies in 4 domains (healthcare environment and community; healthcare organizations and performance; business analysis and techniques; leadership and professionalism) over the course of the Program.

How measured:

Students complete competency assessment survey three times—upon entering the Program, at the midpoint of the Program, and upon exiting the Program.

Level of achievement:

Average rating of competency will increase between entry and midpoint survey and between midpoint and exit survey for all 22 competencies and overall.

Who will measure:

Students through competency assessment survey.

Summaries by MHA Director.

Assessment for each competency on scale with 5=excellent knowledge or skill to 1=no knowledge or skill. Review links between courses and competencies.

Modify course content as needed.

Professional Behavior:

Students will apply knowledge and skills gained to practical problems in summer internship.

How measured:

Preceptors complete evaluation of intern’s performance.

Level of achievement:

Average rating of 4.0 (agree that overall performance of the intern was satisfactory).

Who will measure:

Preceptors through evaluation form.

Assessment of overall satisfaction with intern’s performance from (1=strongly dissatisfied to 5 =strong satisfied). Counsel students on individual basis as needed.

Review internship placements.