Student Immunization Requirements


POLICY NAME: Student Compliance with Required Immunizations

PURPOSE: To protect the health of those with whom students interact by taking reasonable steps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases for which immunizations are available.

DATE:  2/20/14                                                                                                         

EFFECTIVE DATE:  7/1/14                                                                                     

GENERAL INFORMATION: Given our proximity to UF Health Shands Hospital and the high probability of coming into contact with patients who have compromised immune systems and given the fact that part of the mission of the college is to educate future health professionals who embrace practices that both maximize and protect the health of others, all students in the college are required to maintain up-to-date immunizations and provide appropriate documentation of such immunizations as required by UF, PHHP, and the corresponding academic program(s) within PHHP. Please note the following.

  • All students are required to be compliant with the UF immunization policy.  Additional information can be found at the Student Health Care Center web site:
  • All students classified by the college as juniors (in the limited access programs) or higher must be compliant with the PHHP immunization policy described in this document. The only exceptions to required immunizations are (1) distance learning students whose academic programs require NO visits to the UF campus, and (2) students who provide documentation of medical contraindication(s) for initial or annual requirements as noted in #8 below.
  • Student compliance is defined as UF and program receipt, as directed in the respective UF and PHHP/program policies, of medical documentation confirming the student has completed all required immunizations.
  1. All PHHP residential students must provide their academic program with verification of the influenza vaccination, any additional TB tests required by the academic program after admission, and any additional immunizations required by the specific program or rotations in which students enroll.
  2. Students need to provide their PHHP programs only with medical documentation above and beyond documentation that is collected and recorded by the UF Student Health Care Center unless otherwise specified by the program.
  • Individual programs that involve clinical training may require additional immunizations. 
  • Students should note that individual clinical training sites may require additional immunizations with which students are required to comply if they are to be placed at that site.
  • Students enrolled in more than one academic program in the college must meet the immunizations requirements of both programs.
  • In addition to any private providers students might have, students can access the Student Health Care Center and/or the Alachua County Health Department for specific immunizations.


  1. Students need to submit required UF documentation to the SHCC and required college and program documentation to the academic program as specified in UF and program instructions.
  2. Students will receive written notification from their program if they are noncompliant with any required UF, PHHP, or academic program immunizations.
  3. If a student has not registered for classes and is noncompliant with this policy, a hold will be placed on the student’s record to prevent the student from registering for classes for the upcoming term. The student will not be permitted to register for classes until appropriate medical documentation of the required immunizations is provided. It will be at the discretion of the program to decide whether to allow the student to enroll in classes if the student achieves compliance after the semester begins.
  4. If a student has already registered or begun his or her semester’s courses prior to identification and/or notification of noncompliance, the student will be given the opportunity to comply with the policy within a timeframe determined by the program. The student’s registration will be cancelled only if the student remains noncompliant with the immunization policy after the program sends one notification of noncompliance and the deadline they set (for delayed compliance) passes. It will be at the discretion of the program to decide whether to allow the student to re-enroll in classes in the term in which cancellation occurred if compliance is achieved after the time frame set by the program for compliance.
  5. It is recognized that if a student fails to achieve compliance in a timely manner, he or she may have to delay admission or progression by an entire year depending upon the lock step nature of the academic program’s course sequencing.
  6. The student will be responsible for all associated late fees and other loss of funding as a result of noncompliance. The program and college bear no responsibility for financial burden created by the required immunizations or noncompliance with the immunization policies of the university, college, and/or academic program. 
  7. Each academic program has a responsibility to inform students who accept admission about the college and program specific immunization requirements. Therefore, programs are required to post their immunization policy on their program web site. Alternatively, the academic program can link to the college policy if the program has no requirements beyond those of the college. It is also acceptable for an academic program to instead include their immunization requirements in their student handbook if this handbook is posted on line on the program web site. In addition, each program is required to provide notification regarding the date or time frame by which students must verify receipt of the influenza vaccine.
  8. Any student who has a medical contraindication preventing one or more required immunizations or tests must provide the academic program with medical documentation verifying each contraindication (e.g. allergic, etc.). This documentation is due at the same time as compliance documentation for any relevant initial and annual requirement.
  9. Programs will keep a data file regarding immunization compliance consistent with UF record keeping policies. Because immunizations fall under FERPA, immunization information may be housed in each student’s secure academic file or a secure master file. 


  • On or Before Admission (as specified by UF and academic program policies), students must submit documentation of the following to the University Student Health Care Center
    • Varicella (chickenpox) or medical documentation of a protective antibody titer
    • Negative Tuberculosis Test within the past 12 months
    • UF immunizations, including Measles/Mumps/Rubella; Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Vaccine (for Meningococcal Meningitis)

(Students may sign a waiver for Hepatitis B and Meningococcal unless program requires one or both, as noted below)

  • Annually:
    • Influenza (flu) vaccination – all students are required to receive a seasonal influenza vaccination at the time the annual flu vaccine becomes available to UF students. Documentation must be provided to your academic program. Students should consult their programs for specific timing.    
    • Negative Tuberculosis Test for all programs in which students provide clinical service to patients (these programs are identified under additional immunization requirements by academic program below; currently these include OT, PT, Clinical Psychology, and SLH programs) – students should consult their programs for specific timing.  Documentation must be submitted to the University Student Health Care Center.


Clinical and Health Psychology – annual TB test (consult program for specific timing)

Occupational Therapy – Hepatitis B can not be waived and must be started before program begins; annual TB test before clinical rotations (consult program for timing)

Physical Therapy –  Hepatitis B can not be waived; must receive Varicella vaccine regardless of history of the disease; annual TB test (consult program for specific timing); please check with the DPT program for hard copy documentation requirements beyond those of the SHCC

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (all programs) – annual TB test (consult program for specific timing) 

There are no additional requirements for academic programs falling under the following departments or interdisciplinary programs.  However, it is recognized that if a student takes a course elective in which patient contact is required and a TB test has not been completed within the past 12 months, a new test must be completed. It is also recognized that students may select clinical or research rotations involving direct patient contact for which additional immunizations may be required as specified by the site.

Behavioral Science and Community Health
Environmental and Global Health
Health Services Research, Management, and Policy
Public Health
Rehabilitation Science
Undergraduate Health Science (includes all three tracks)