Nanyangwe Siuluta receives third place award Emerging Pathogens Institute Research Day

Nanyangwe Siuluta, a Ph.D. student in the department of epidemiology, received a third place award in the predoctoral poster competition at the Emerging Pathogens Institute Research Day in Gainesville on February 15. Siuluta’s presentation was titled, “Trauma and self-reported cervical cancer screening among women living with HIV.” Women with HIV (WWH) are more likely than the general population to experience trauma. Trauma in WWH is associated with delayed cervical cancer screening, yet the specific associated traumatic experiences or time periods causing the delay in cervical cancer screening remain unknown. WWH who had experienced sexual harassment before 18 years of age were at high risk for not receiving cervical cancer screening from a health care provider within three years. According to Siuluta, more innovative alternative methods such as self-sampling for cervical cancer may need to be explored for this vulnerable population.