Mariam Badru presents at UF Cancer Center Research showcase

Mariam Badru with her presentation

Mariam Badru, a public health Ph.D. student in social and behavioral sciences, presented her research on cervical cancer screening outcomes at the 2024 UF Health Cancer Center Research Showcase on January 31 in Gainesville. Her study highlights disparities associated with cervical cancer screening in the U.S. The results indicate that women with disabilities are significantly less likely to undergo screening, in comparison to those without disabilities. Women with lower socioeconomic status and of racial minorities also face significant barriers to screening. Additionally, it was found that over half of women recently screened for cervical cancer did not undergo an HPV test. These findings underscore a need for targeted interventions in vulnerable populations to promote health equity through comprehensive cervical cancer prevention strategies, Badru said. Efforts should also focus on improving health literacy among women with disabilities and increasing accessibility to HPV tests. Diverse populations should receive optimal screening opportunities.