PHHP recognizes 2022 Employees of the Year

The College of Public Health and Health Professions recognized Lior Flum, an instructional designer in the dean’s office, and Jenna Saxton, the assistant director of administrative services in the department of physical therapy, as the college’s 2022 Employees of the Year at the annual holiday celebration December 8.

PHHP Dean Beth Virnig shared comments from Flum and Saxton’s nominators at the award presentation.

Virnig and Flum“Lior applies his knowledge of educational technology and design skills so that our faculty become stronger teachers, ultimately helping our students succeed. One notable contribution this year is his significant improvement to the Canvas course template so that it is easier for faculty to use, including syncing modules with course pages that used to require manual effort. This directly affects our instructors’ course preparation both within and across semesters. It also allows students to navigate course content far more efficiently and accurately due to the improved user interface. One nominator noted that Lior is ‘committed to contributing to content that is accessible and inclusive’ … and he ‘contributes to projects with exemplary devotion.’ ‘He is smart, innovative, creative, polite, reliable, and honest…. in all ways is an exceptional employee.’”

Virnig and Saxton“Jenna is credited with a transformative and positive departmental shift because of her exceptional skills in building a cohesive team and increasing collaborations between staff and faculty. One nominator noted that she ‘has high expectations of her staff and they continuously deliver because Jenna always takes the time needed to train and develop people.’ Jenna has also applied her exceptional organizational skills to improve departmental efficiencies across multiple areas, such as workflow and fiscal management, and onboarding protocols. Jenna is described as being a ‘major asset in all aspects by proactively assessing and identifying issues that can be improved, coming up with innovative and creative ways to make things happen, and then setting processes in place for continued oversight and sustained success.’ Perhaps one nominator said it best: Jenna ‘sets an example of what an exemplary work ethic is to the point where others want to emulate her actions in order to be the best version of themselves as employees.’”

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