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PHHP names 2017 Outstanding Alumni

Published: Aug 31st, 2017

They will be honored at a ceremony during the college’s alumni reunion on September 30.

This Month in PHHP

Published: Aug 23rd, 2017

Read the August issue for news and updates from the college’s departments and programs.

an athlete consults with a physician

Concussions and CTE: More complicated than even the experts know

Published: Aug 1st, 2017

A study of the brains of deceased NFL players raised concerns once again about concussions. Writing for The Conversation, Dr. Russell Bauer and Dr. Michael Jaffee argue there is still a lot we don’t know.

This Month in PHHP

Published: Jul 26th, 2017

Read the July issue for news and updates from the college’s departments and programs.

couple sits on sofa looking at laptop

Does daily exercise cut back on older adults’ sedentary life? Study: not so much

Published: Jul 18th, 2017

Increasing moderate-intensity exercise in older adults led to little reduction in the overall time they spent in sedentary activity.

OT students meet with UF faculty and local practitioners to discuss career opportunities.

UF launches doctoral degree in occupational therapy

Published: Jul 10th, 2017

The college has received approval to offer the Doctor of Occupational Therapy, the first such degree program offered by a Florida public institution.

PHHP faculty members awarded tenure and promotion

Published: Jun 28th, 2017

Several College of Public Health and Health Professions faculty members were awarded tenure or promotion for the 2016-2017 cycle.

This Month in PHHP

Published: Jun 28th, 2017

Read the June issue for news and updates from the college’s departments and programs.

Provider’s preference for pain therapy can influence patient’s results

Published: Jun 21st, 2017

A health care provider’s beliefs about a particular treatment may have a strong influence on the patient’s outcome, according to a study by researchers in the department of physical therapy.

Why treating breast cancer with less may be more

Published: Jun 15th, 2017

Writing in The Conversation, Dr. Ashish Deshmukh explains why shortening radiation therapy is not only effective but also cost-saving.