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Computer Requirements

Effective Date: Summer B, 1998

Updated for Term: FALL, 2002

Purpose: To specify computer requirements and student responsibilities regarding computer management within the College of Public Health and Health Professions

Specific Requirements:

  1. All students must be in compliance with the University Student Computer Policy, effective Summer B, 1998.
  2. All students must have access to a computer to allow them to complete all coursework and general curriculum requirements within their designated program in the College of Public Health and Health Professions. Students may acquire access through the most appropriate option to match their individual circumstances. These include, but are not limited to, computer purchase, lease, loan, etc.
  3. All students must have access to a computer with the following capabilities:
    1. Computer accessibility to the World Wide Web and E-mail
    2. Windows Operating Environment
    3. Minimum System resources to run all required applications
    4. A basic word processing software package
  4. In addition to the general College computer capabilities, the following departmental or program student computer requirements must be met:
    1. Clinical and Health Psychology: Software for database management, statistical analysis (SPSS is required), graphics, and preparation of professional presentations (e.g., MS Powerpoint).
    2. Health Services Administration: Spreadsheet and presentation applications capabilities.
    3. Occupational Therapy: (graduate students only) Basic statistical software package
    4. Distance Learning Masters Students, See individual program requirements
    5. Communicative Disorders: Spreadsheet capabilities
    6. Rehabilitation Science: Basic statistical software package(Note: If one of your programs was not specifically cited, there are no additional requirements beyond the college computer capabilities already listed.)
  5. Students are responsible for knowing how to operate the computer system they choose and the software packages required.
  6. Students are responsible for any repair necessary to their computers and are expected to complete assignments in a timely manner regardless of the state of repair of their individual computer systems.
  7. It is likely that over the course of a student’s program, computer upgrades will be necessary. Students are responsible for upgrades required for curriculum completion.
  8. Individual coursework may require additional specialized software not already delineated. In this case, it is the faculty member’s responsibility to insure the software requirements are clearly delineated on the particular class syllabus. Students are then responsible for acquiring access to the specialized software necessary to complete specific course requirements.
  9. Instructors who want assignments submitted in a particular format must specify the appropriate format in advance or (at the latest) when the assignment is given.
  10. Students are responsible for providing faculty with appropriate hard copies of materials generated via computer technology if required as part of the course assignment. Students are responsible for the cost of printing these materials.
  11. Similar to non-computer based assignments, all work completed by students on the computer must be the student’s own original work. Students may not receive assistance in completing computer based assignments unless specifically allowed as part of that assignment. Copying material from others, such as scanning in others’ material, copying others’ files or discs, and/or downloading material from other sources, and claiming it as the student’s own work is strictly prohibited.